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Promoting Nutrient-Rich Foods: Opportunities for Delis and Cafes

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In the food and beverage industry, keeping up with the latest health trends and recommendations is crucial. Recently, the United Nations (UN) released a report that highlights the importance of meat, eggs, and milk as vital sources of nutrients. This endorsement can be a great marketing opportunity and a nod for delis and cafes. Let’s explore how.

UN’s Nutrient-Rich Food Endorsement

According to a recent report from the UN, foods like meat, eggs, and milk are essential sources of vital nutrients. These foods are high in protein, vitamins, and minerals which are crucial for a healthy diet. The UN’s endorsement of these foods provides a great opportunity for food businesses to promote their offerings.

Leveraging the UN Stamp of Approval

As a deli or cafe owner, how can you use this information to your advantage? Here are a few ideas:

1. Highlight Nutrient-Rich Ingredients

Feature meals that contain these nutrient-rich foods on your menu. Make sure to highlight the health benefits of these ingredients in your menu descriptions. For example, you could describe a sandwich as being “packed with high-quality protein from our freshly sliced meat and dairy.”

2. Use the UN Endorsement in Your Marketing

Leverage the UN’s endorsement in your marketing materials. This could be as simple as including a statement like “Our meals are made with ingredients endorsed by the UN as vital sources of nutrients” in your promotional materials, menus, and on your website. We’d stay away from using the UN logo, but saying they endorse it shouldn’t lead you into hot water.

3. Educate Your Customers

Use signage, table cards, or digital displays to educate your customers about the nutritional benefits of meat, eggs, and milk. Yes, everyone knows breakfast is a great start to the day, but now that Bacon-Egg & Cheese sandwich sounds delicious AND healthy.

Creating a Healthier Menu

In light of the UN’s endorsement, it may be worth considering adding new items to your menu that highlight these nutrient-rich foods. For example, you could offer a high-protein breakfast sandwich with eggs and meat, or a lunch special featuring a hearty milk-based shake to go along with the sandwich instead of the soda.

Remember, it’s not just about adding these items to your menu, but about promoting the nutritional value they offer. This can help attract health-conscious customers and make your cafe or deli a go-to choice for nutrient-rich meals.

TL;DR (Too Long; Don’t Read)

As always, the strategies you choose should align with your business and your customers’ needs. By staying informed about the latest health trends and recommendations, you can make informed decisions that boost your business’s appeal.

So, are you ready to take advantage of the UN’s endorsement of meat, eggs, and milk? We can’t wait to see the innovative ways you’ll incorporate these nutrient-rich foods into your offerings!

Stay tuned for more industry insights and tips to help you grow your food business. Good luck!

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