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Cracker Jack’s Empowering Packaging: Supporting Female Athletes


Cracker Jack is introducing special packaging featuring female wheelchair basketball player Lindsey Zurbrugg as part of its Cracker Jill campaign, highlighting female athletes and supporting the Women’s Sports Foundation. Independent retailers can support this purpose-driven effort by stocking the limited-edition packaging and promoting the campaign in their stores.

Cracker Jack is taking a powerful step in promoting female athletes through its Cracker Jill campaign. The brand recently announced the winners of the I Am Cracker Jill Award, with Lindsey Zurbrugg being the grand prize winner and the first athlete to join the Cracker Jill roster. The limited-edition packaging featuring Zurbrugg will be available in stores and stadiums nationwide next year.

The Cracker Jill platform is part of Cracker Jack’s commitment to increasing visibility and opportunities for girls and women in sports. The brand has already donated $400,000 to the Women’s Sports Foundation to support their mission. By spotlighting female athletes and offering them the I Am Cracker Jill Award, Cracker Jack aims to inspire girls nationwide to keep playing and achieving in sports.

As an independent retail store owner, you can support this purpose-driven campaign by stocking the limited-edition Cracker Jill packaging in your stores, and take advantage of the marketing support. Encourage your customers to support the campaign and show their appreciation for women in sports.

Moreover, you can create promotional displays or events centered around the campaign to engage your customers and foster a sense of inclusivity in your store. By championing this cause, you contribute to the efforts to increase equity in sports and promote a positive message to your community.

Cracker Jack’s commitment to empowering female athletes through the Cracker Jill campaign aligns with the brand’s values of inclusion and equality. By supporting this initiative in your store, you not only contribute to a meaningful cause but also show your customers that your business stands for important social issues.

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